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Nowadays, it seems like everyone plays golf. People who don’t even like golf play golf. When you’ve exerted all of your energy and exhausted your list of what your coworkers might like as business gifts for the holidays, turn to golf. J.M. Field Marketing offers affordable business gifts aimed to please co-workers of all kinds. You can customize the style and color theme, plus personalize the golf product with a message.

Give Affordable Gifts to Your Coworkers

We can custom design and embroider gifts under 25 like golf polos, gloves, balls, or anything to give your office a unified look. No matter how good or bad your office is as at golf, you can at least look like an intimidating professional golf team with matching golf sets. The idea behind giving golf products as business gifts is finding a unique way to let your employee or coworker know just how much you appreciate them.

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These types of gifts under 25 stand out, are long lasting and prove to be highly functional. So, you can bank on your gift not being forgotten. If you’re looking for a great golf gift, try our Putter Gift Set. The set includes two golf balls, an adult size putter, a putting cup and a laser engraved plaque. All of this is elegantly packaged in a rosewood box with gold accents. Contact our team today or visit our website for more details on our business gifts under 25!

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